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Daily content is the best type of copy for any media, because daily content is sticky content.
Sticky content is what keeps your visitors, readers, users and/or viewers coming back.

Indeed, as it's name indicates, daily content is updated daily, which means people have a reason to come back every day, which is what you want as a publisher, regardless of your media type.

Daily content is also important because it is fresh, new and never stale. This is especially important in the case of websites (or any sort of online application) where search engines can catalog the freshness of your content and affect your ranking, reputation and/or popularity.

Daily content can take many forms: Horoscopes are a very popular kind of daily content. So are bible quotes, trivia and other sort of tips.

We just launched our public site at www.HoroscopeZen.com which will be our showroom.
Starting with daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes and extensive astrological information and related forecasts, it will feature more daily content every month... from relationship tips, to jokes, to health & diet tips, and much, much more coming soon... Check it out below:

If you need content for your website, publication, radio, facebook or iphone app, or any media for that matter, our business to business site is located here:

For a large selection of daily content for ANY MEDIA click below:


daily content


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